Trying to create a table

Hi everyone,

I am trying to create a coffee table and i’m not sure what the best tool to use to create this. Any suggestions would be great.

There have been other posts in the past for creating covering for funiture. Dave R. helped Danimaupin with chairs and there are others mentioning curviloft and how to do it with native tools.

A table similar to the image you shared? Or how do you want it to be? There are lots of ways of modeling something.

QuadFace Tools, VertexTools and SubD can get you where you want to go. Model the cushion and the base as separate components. Here’s a quick example… somewhat like your image.

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You can even draw it in SketchUp for Web, but it depends on the desired result and how you will use it

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Yes, similar to the ottoman that I shared. I want to create the exact same thing.

Oh wow… this is just what I needed! Funny enough, I started building the coffee table that way but didn’t know I could bend the shape as you did. Thank you!