How to make elaborate window treatments

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Is it possible to draw curtains like this one in Sketchup? It looks like a SketchUp image, so I am hoping it is.

The core of my business is making curtains for clients and I would like to have the ability to draw them in SketchUp at this level of detail:
a) Curved headboard at the top, with tassels following the curve
b) Tie-back on the sides, with tassels following the curves.
c) Creating several types of fringes and tassels.

Every curtain project is different and creating templates in SketchUp for future use would speed up my work

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I do not know how but they do that sort of stuff using the Clothworks extension

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Clothwork has a good tutorial on how to create curtains like these, but you will need the paid version


Thank you, I have sent them an email.