How to create lace panels in SketchUp?

Hi, I’m looking for the way to create lace panels in sketchup without drawing it with line tool by hand. Any ideas appreciated. Plugins, use of Photoshop + image.

I tried to explode black/white image hoping it will raster, but it doesn’t.


You need to decide what you want to use it for before you decide what method is best.
Making all the geometry of complex pierced designs can be done fairly quickly using a variety of methods, some using components in arrays and some solid tool work. They can look great and be very useful in the correct context. However they will be very draining on performance and can bring a computer to it’s knees without much benefit to the model.
On the other hand you can use .png with transparent background as a texture, these can look as good in the right context and will not be a drain on resources.

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png option is very nice for working process. however if I wanna render I need a real geometry. I’m building an interior with lots of detailed Arabian decor.

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Good textures will render, often better and faster than geometry.

Good textures will render, often better and faster than geometry.

But the light won’t go through and no shades

With the right textures anything is possible.

However, making repeating shapes is pretty simple.
GIF 26-07-2022 10-15-15 PM


how do you get the right texture for it to have light go through it

I’m not sure what you are asking.
Even a default fence texture lets light through and casts shadows.

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In SketchUp a transparent PNG material will cast shadows like an opaque face but any rendering application will support transparent PNG SketchUp doesn’t do realtime raytracing.

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smart! thank you! I got it.

didn’t know that. so basically I may draw in photoshop what ever I need, delete background and use it as a texture?

I misunderstood what you said, sorry about that