Will I need a plugin to make this visualisations?

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Here is my question.

I am a craft maker, I make metal tiles like these from the photo below. Its quite time consuming and expensive to make all these so it would be nice if I could make them in my laptop :wink:

I am using another program for vector graphic to design dies embossing tool for these metal tiles.
So let’s say I will have vectors ready. Now I will need to extrude shape, add a colors, lights, texture so it would look like real.

I presume its possible in Sketchup ? will I need any plugins ?

Many thanks for help :slight_smile:


Get BezierSpline. It’s over at SketchUcation. You can join for free.

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I suppose you can import all the vectors for the shape instead of drawing in SketchUp. Then, you can extrude them in SketchUp.
Perhaps adding color, and texture on them later, but it won’t really give you quality lights or reflections off of a material.

If you needing to have reflections for the materials to look metalic, you need you have some sort of rendering program which will interpretate SketchUp’s model data.