Creating Your Own Textures

I would like to make a few different options for some relatively simple wall paneling, like beadboard for example. I’m having a hard time finding any images I like and I don’t think it’s worth actually creating on my model in Sketchup so I thought why not just create my own texture.

Can anyone recommend a relatively easy to use, free app where I can design this and then add it to SketchUp as a custom texture? I’m hoping to avoid anything too expensive or complicated. Thank you!

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Open the extension warehouse, it’s the first one, with an ARTX logo.

Basically it offers you 3 choices, you can either hit their existing catalogue (some are generated, some are “real products”
or you can select one existing and modify it.

or you can start from scratch. the free version has a lot of options already, it’s a pretty nice tool. I don’t use a lot of materials, I’m more of a colour 3d model - man, but when I need a material, I’ll often check there before looking for photos and firing up photoshop.

Thanks for your comment but like I said, I haven’t been able to find any images I like. I have Architexture and already looked through it but didn’t see any kind of wall paneling. As far as their texture maker, they don’t have any beadboard-like patterns.

I was able to find a few panels in 3D warehouse but I’m still curious about creating my own. When I google how to do my search results are bringing back tutorials for how to create textures from images but I can’t seem to find anything about creating the textures themselves.

You can create textures by ‘drawing’ them within sketchup. You can combine various materials and textures into one material.
The one trick you must remember is you have to use at least one material that is a ‘Texture’ not just a colour, in the example below I have use a simple vertical line pattern as the needed ‘Texture’. It could just be a tiny bit in the corner for it to work, but without it you won’t get the Combine Textures option.

So here you see a quick array of two materials, select all of it, right click and choose Combine Textures. You can say No to removing the lines and it will leave the original geometry alone and create the material for you to use.
GIF 1-03-2024 12-33-15 PM


Thanks for taking the time to show me how to do this! So the first texture was the just the single line then? I never thought to use it for something like this.

Here I have used more contrasting materials to make it clearer what I’m doing.
GIF 1-03-2024 1-05-13 PM


It’s my lucky day. I learnt something new about Sketchup.


Ah yes, I didn’t see the beaded thing (I had to look for it, not sure there is a french word for it :wink: )

Box saved the day :slight_smile:
I’ll add, if / when you’re looking for material photos, you could also check
lots of free stuff (free account), also a 13€/y subscription for more + higher sizes + ready to render.

between that, Artx and self made patterns, you should be fine :slight_smile:

Thank you again. I do already have that site saved too. For whatever reason though I was still struggling to find exactly what I was looking for.

@Box Thank you again for showing me how to do this!

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If you don’t want to create things from scratch
I use this site quite a bit for free textures - they are mainly intended for rendering, but you can use just the main coloured part if it is in SketchUp
ambientCG - CC0 Textures, HDRIs and Models

They also have


Don’t forget about SketchUcation, they also have textures.

I’ll save this thread in a corner, for the next time someone asks for materials.

we’ve discussed the main solutions :slight_smile:

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@Elmtec-Adam that is the best collection I’ve seen so far! Thank you for adding this. Silly question but I don’t understand why the textures are in sphere form. Do they import into SketchUp like this?

@Box I just tried copying what you did in my model but when I choose the “Lines” pattern it repeats instead of just getting the single line like you show in your video. How do I get to the point at where you started your video? I’m sorry, I’m still very new to SketchUp so I’m just not understanding.

While I’ve gotten some great answers here, I’m still curious about how people go about creating their own textures for SketchUp. I try googling this but my results are overrun by one particular YouTube channel and none of them are relevant to what I want to do. Everything is about bringing in pictures and nothing about creating your own. Maybe I need to use different search terms, I don’t know.

EDIT: I figured out that if I leave the word “SketchUp” out of the search terms I get more relevant results.

It’s just how textures for rendering are shown - as it gives you a sense of shading and gloss. They won’t look like that in SketchUp - but they will still you you some kind of pattern you can use.

You can use something like v-ray or enscape to make them look more real like that

For my purposes I just need something very basic. Thank you again!

Mine is only one line because the slice of geometry is only large enough to show one line, if it was wider you would see the line repeated.