Can I import more Paint Bucket patterns?

In Sketchup Make 2017, I’m surprised to find no texture/material/pattern for DECKING, of all things. You know, 1 x 6 pressure treated boards for an outdoor deck or balcony. Is there an online library for such textures, similar to 3D Warehouse?

You can certainly import your own images to make textures. You might also have a look in the 3D Warehouse. There are a number of textures available there.

Google is your friend! Search for materials and textures and you’ll find a lot of sites dedicated to just this, including and

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Thank you both. I wound up using 'Wallpaper Stripe" in Carpets, Fabrics, Leathers, Textiles and Wallpaper. Since my sketch happens to be in plan view only, this works well enough. That said, it still seems weird that a fill for such a common material as “decking” is absent from the Paint Bucket library. There isn’t even a category for “Flooring”. Maybe in Pro, eh?

I can think of a lot of categories of materials that are possible but not included. If they included all of them, they’d probably more than double the download file size for the program. It’s so easy to make your own textures and you can make the ones that suit your needs. That way you don’t end up with a whole lot of textures you have no use for.

I prefer to make my own wood grain textures from photographs of full length boards because most wood grain textures aren’t very realistic.

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The wood category would work for decking. is my favorite site for textures. After signing up, you can download 15 free textures per day. They even have a filter, so you can look for seamless textures and stuff too.

In general, Poliigon has more realistic textures (with various maps for extra realism), but it’s probably not necessary for SketchUp unless you’re using V-Ray or another high-end renderer. They have extremely good textures though. If photorealism is your goal, then Poliigon is the way to go.