I need help creating a material

Hello everybody! im hving a hard time creatinga texture, i’ve been working on it but i just ■■■■ make it look the way i want. could some one help me please!!

What is it? A brushed gold? Maybe you can take or find a photo of something similar and import it into SketchUp to use as a texture. Keep in mind that in SketchUp it won’t have the reflective characteristic of the original.

there’s a brushed metal texture in SketchUp’s Metals collection that you could edit. This is the "Steel Brushed Stainless " edited to give it a bit of a gold color.

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hello, it looks like brushed brass, google it you’ll find plenty of images you can use as a texture

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You can always try to find something similar on sites like:

Just make sure to read each sites Terms of Use.

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