How to create metallic finishes with the materials bucket


I have a question about materials that come from the paint bucket.

When you try to select glass or metal what you get is something that is very unconvincing.
It’s a gray pebble or a gradient or an otherwise non-metal looking fill pattern.

When I go to the Sketchup Warehouse, however, I can down load sinks & faucets that look like the real deal.

How do you create the realistic metal finishes that I see on those warehouse gizmos?
Is there a plugin that does this or is it done in a different software?


Sample the sink material that you just downloaded and apply it to your own model’s face(s).


Well that sounds too easy.


Would you like something more difficult?


They have phototextures on them ie. they have taken photos of the sinks and faucets


Did they take a photo of the actual sink or faucet then construct a model in the shape of the sink or faucet?

or did they build the sink or faucet then use the eyedropper tool to drag over the sheen & color textures?


Yes as @MikeWayzovski said you need to check to see if they have used materials or textures that have photo or rendered textures applied.

Either they have used a photograph from a real sink or they have rendered the model elsewhere before going back to re-apply those textures in SketchUp.

There are many ways to texture a model, from UV mapping plugins, using the native tools, or a bunch of other plugins (that I don’t know about but I am sure exist).

The method you use depends on your source material. Certain methods require you to have a 3rd party image editor (GIMP is free if you don’t have access to Photoshop) in order to prepare the image files, crop them etc.

Here is a quick video that explores applying materials without textures:


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