How to make metallic finishes

Sometimes when I download faucets and sinks from the 3D warehouse they are really realistically colored.

How do I go about replicating brass, nickel or chrome finishes on faucets etc that I might build myself?

Hi there.

The color should be a texture, you can save them and import them. Not sure if I understood your question, what do you really need?, I think it’s hard to get a realistic result if you don’t render.

If you search the Internet for images of metallic finishes, you can use one of those images as a texture in SketchUp. That will approximate the look of, say, burnished brass or aluminum. However, as spa2n2k99 says, you will need to use a rendering program if you want the metal surfaces to appear realistically shiny and reflective. There are about 20 rendering programs; Kerkythea is a free one. My preference is for Shaderlight, which costs money.