Shining Appearence to Objects

Dear friends,

How to give a shining appearance to an object in sketch up?



I’ve found that using the paint color called “Metal Silver” makes things shiny, but I haven’t done a ton of experimentation otherwise…

The most common way to do this is via a render. If such option isnt available, rhen any texture with a high gloss should do the trick.

As to a real mirror effect, you must use a rendering application (or a rendering plugin) or fake it.


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Oh wow, what sort of plugin allows you to do this?

This’ll work great for my bridge model once I add the water.

Thanks guys. Looks like , I have to go forward with rendering plugin in
sketch up to give shiny appearance to surfaces. Please correct me, if I am


Arun KR

My image illustrates a fake reflection using the “Through the looking-glass” approach. No plugin.



Fooled me. Which isn’t hard to do…

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