Help me please with perforation in model

How to make perforation automatically on ball shape model? I know i can do that manually but it takes too long, so i look for faster option in sketchup. There is a screenshot of my model

We need more info (image, model, …) to help you.

I’d suggest that you use a texture rather than actually creating geometry for all those perforations. Otherwise you will have a vast amount of geometry and a huge model!

I would like to have a light coming through all these small holes. In this case I don’t think that texture will do the work.

I suggest that you use a rendering plugin or application to show the light getting through a texture… Building all those millions of holes just isn’t feasible in SketchUp. Even if you use 6-sided circles your model will freeze down.


Thank you. Is there any plugin that you would recommend for such things?

There are a zillion (almost) of them, and, also, this forum has a zillion (almost) of threads discussing the ins and outs of them. I myself don’t use a plugin but a commercial rendering application, as I have to create imaged from models originating from other applications beside SketchUp.


Maybe you Render engine does support the transparency of a png file in SketchUp?


If the object is only viewed from a distance, simply using a semitransparent glass-like material might be enough as that is what perforated surfaces really look like (having used them in many of my projects). In SketchUp sunlight will not cast a shadow if the material is less than 70% opaque.


A transparent png-based texture will allow light to pass through the holes, but the holes won’t appear on cast shadows. Thus:


Thank you for help ! I will try to use these methods you mentioned . :smiley: