Easier way to make perforations?

So I created this but it was so much work. I had to extrude and group the hole and then use PathCopy to copy around a circle. Then I subtracted it from the model. Is there an easier way of doing this? Maybe with a different extension? The perforations can get a lot smaller and more complex. For example, what if you wanted rounded perforations?


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One thing you could do is to create a single wedge from the object, do your slot there, and then rotate-copy it around the full circle.

I can’t tell the size of your object from the picture, but when you say “the perforations can get a lot smaller and more complex” I worry that you may run afoul of SketchUp’s inability to initially create small geometry. I hope you are aware of this and know how to scale up the model, do the operation, and then scale it back to real size when finished.

Thanks. I will try that. Also, the diameter is 10’. I was planning on scaling it down when I am ready to 3d print.

What are these?

If you want to 3D print those, you will modify these to get a solid object.

(I would suggest the “slot-rotate copy”-solution by @slbaumgartner here too.)