Plugin for TENT modeling


I’m using Sketchup for modeling tents and Vray to render. I would like to find an extension/plugin to create a more realistic effect of the walls and roof of the tent ( as I’m modeling now the walls are just straight walls, no waves or anything and when I render it doesn’t look very realistic because a tent in real life will never be perfectly flat…)
I’ve been looking online and I could find plugins such as Clothwork but it doesn’t really match what I’m looking for…

Any ideas?

thank you

What is it about Clothworks that doesn’t suit your needs?
I would have said it was ideal, but if it isn’t then it’s hard to know what to suggest.
SUbD and Vertex Tools would be the next best in my mind.

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Soap-skin-and-bubble and curviloft are also handy for this.

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I don’t know every tool in Clothworks but I’d need an extension that would allow me to drag points of my walls so I could create the waves where I want. (see attached picture) Do you think cloth works can do it ?

Like the SMOVE tool of sketchup but this one works on terrain only, is not very easy to use on every surface.
I’m going to check SUBD and Vertex.

Clothwork has pins that you can move causing folds, creases etc

You could also use textures and displacement maps to produce the effect directly in your renders rather than building the geometry.

Artisan has a sculpt brush that works on any (divided) surface.

my solutions are more apropriate for curved tents like domes and tunnels…
not so much for wrinkles in straight tents.

Is it possible to use Clothworks starting from a sandbox surface ? Or do you always have to start from a flat surface?
I want to add more folds to this tent for example. all the walls and roof are designed with sandbox tool.

The trial version of cloth work is VERY limited I can’t try anything in there. Just want to make sure this plugin suits me before purchasing it…

Don’t buy it on my say so, I can’t guarantee that you will achieve what you want with it.