Need help Creating a frame

I would like to start by saying that I’m a brand new novice to SketchUp. I’m trying to create a frame with support bars. When I start I create a rectangle then use push up to get it to the thickness I need. Then I create a create a second rectangle the the 3rd and lastly the 4th to close the box. As soon as I create the last wall the box center fills in the center. I need to know what I’m doing wrong. Thank you for your patience and help.

perhaps a skp file or an image explaining?

Select the face in the center and delete it.

That worked thank you very much

Get to know the Follow me tool. It’s very good for frames.

i see the work of 3D mouse there. haha

True, I normally avoid using it for gifs, same as I try not to use keyboard shortcuts when it’s not obvious what tool is being used.


you probably brought out that large tool set just to show those buttons in use rather than shortcut.
I do the same. though I don’t use GIFs as much as you do.

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There are many ways to build your frame in SketchUp. You will want to determine what works for you.

Along with the method that @Box showed, here are a few more:

Via the layout of Components:

Frame shape via Offset:



if you use the “offset” method,

Be careful. Because if you orbit to flip that geometry and look at the bottom side, there would be a face missing.

you have to delete the face first, then push pull to avoid that problem.

Coulld you give an example of when this happens for you?

sorry, actually the frame method is fine. but the problem is when it is revered.

but push pull does not behave nicely when two or more faces are stuck together.
It creates missing faces like that, and reverses the face.

But that is a back face and naturally pulls that way.

sorry, What I meant originally is that - it will have a missing bottom when you expect to create a cube.

The behavior is the same whether you have front face or back face. bottom face will still go missing.

What I meant is results like this.

Ok, but it’s not actually related to a single offset frame as you originally mentioned, which is why I asked.

yes, you are correct.

I’ve never understood why this behavior is considered wrong. If you were on the other side of the face pushing the selected face in to create a hole, it would be considered correct and it’s exactly the same thing happening.

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Let me correct myself:
I don’t think it is wrong. And I understand why it does that, and when it does.

However, it can be confusing to beginners who aren’t used to this behavior.
Seen a lot of people draw 2D pattern on a big rectangle and push pull to different height to make that to 3D.
and later find out a mess that they have created when they orbit and see the underside.

Usually they don’t even realize what they have done wrong.
I just get their unfinished model and have to amend it.

Yes, I’ve seen that, too. When I have students who do that, I show them how to easily avoid it in the first place and how to fix it if it happens anyway.