Push/pull for creating window frame

Hello all,

Im newbie Im having some troubles while creating frame for window after creating design of frame using push/pull is moving frame to other end rather than making frame 3d I send video regarding

I have all latest window and graphic update

delete the inner area before you push/pull…

I tried deleting before just face of rectangle is moving on back end of frame and not cutting

If you can upload your file we can give you an exact answer

2v house 3d.skp (190.8 KB)

I don’t see any window frame in that file, just walls with door and window holes cut through them?

the geometry that forms the rest of the building, it’s not grouped is it…?

I didn’t saved changes for frame I just did it as in video and for geometry I didn’t grouped anything

Watching the video more carefully, I see what is happening is that because there are faces adjacent to the frame, SketchUp concludes that you mean to push a cavity with no front face. Activate pushpull then press control (option on Mac) to tell SketchUp to create a face at the start of the pushpull.


Thank you so much that solved it