Need help 2021 vs 2017

Hi. I tried SU pro for I month and I forgot to save my work under a previous version. I would like to keep going with SU make 2017 for a while. Could I send my file to someone who has SU 2021 and who could save it under 2016 or 17 and send it back to me? Thanx . mark

You can open your file in the free Web version, save it back to v2017, and download it to your desktop.

If you have difficulty doing that, and it’s a one-off requirement send me the file via a private message (PM) and I’ll convert it for you.

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for Windows: Eneroth Open Newer Version

OP says they are on Mac (OS 10.13). Eneroth’s plug-in doesn’t work on Mac OS, unfortunately.

Weird! I tried with web version but objects in the file are upside-down and whole file too big to send it to you…keep investigating…Cheers!

Probably modeled upside down in the first place.

Upload it to DropBox and share the link.

Maybe you would just continue with SketchUp Free instead. Like SketchUp Make it is free for your hobby use.

here is the file.

thank you

I hope to have to buy it soon…;0)

Here you go. The file is much larger than the old one because there was a change in file structure with SU2021 that makes for a smaller file size.

FWIW I fixed incorrect tag usage and purged unused stuff. Not as much unused stuff as I expected but lots of incorrect tag usage.
Screenshot - 2_1_2022 , 7_08_38 AM

You mentioned the model opening inverted. That’s because you had moved the axes and set them up with solid blue pointing down. It should be up.

I reset the axes. The model is located at quite a distance from the origin. Best to keep the model close to the origin. I didn’t move it, though. I’ll leave that for you.

huge thanx Dave!!

thus my remark “for Windows”… which might help people w/ the same issue using Windows.