Sketchup 2017 conversion assistant

hi, anyone here has sketchup 2017? i need someone to convert sketchup file into 2015… thanks.

If you have SU Pro 2017, you just “save as”, and from the drop-down file type menu (during file location selection), select SU 2015.
Not sure if you don’t have Pro version.

The same option is available with SU2017 Make, too.

i cant download sketchup 2017 because its not compatible to my pc… sadly.

You can upload the file to your 3D Warehouse account via your browser and then download it as a version 2015 file. The Warehouse will convert it automatically.

the file is too large…

I’d suggest you ask the person that created the file for you to save it as the version you need.

wish to do that too but its too late because everyones in holiday rn haha. thanks for the suggestion mr. box

Try to use Trimble connect:

Didn’t @eneroth3 write a plugin for that?

Haha, I have an extension for everything :stuck_out_tongue: (Technically I have 64 extensions for sometimes partially overlapping situations, but “an extension for everything” is faster to say)


thank you Julia I really appreciate it!