Sketchup conversion Assistance

Hi, anyone here using sketchup 2018 ? I need your help to convert my model from 2018 to 2015. I already tried converting in Sketchup Warehouse but they said the file was too big. Please!

Upload it to Dropbox and provide a link here, and I’ll have a look this evening, if no one else gets there first.

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You could also install the extension Eneroth Open Newer Version® (but Windows only) in your older SketchUp version to convert the newer file on your own.

Here’s the downsaved SU 2015 version - a link to it on my Dropbox.

Please let me know when you’ve retrieved it, and I’ll delete it to save space.

my pc is in office and i just get back to office. i want to download it, but the thing seems to not avail. can you please reupload it Mr. John? :anguished:

thank you for your suggestion mr. Aerilius. i really appreciate it. :grinning:

Anyone here can help? Leave your email here please so I can easily receive files.

What has become of these two previously made excellent suggestions?

or install SU Pro 2018 on another system and convert by yourself during the 30 day trial period.

I think my Dropbox may be nearly full - I thought the file had uploaded, but it isn’t there when I look for it on another computer and click on the link above.

I’ll try again in a few minutes to upload it to OneDrive instead, where I have more room.

Sorry I didn’t realise it hadn’t uploaded the first time.

Here’s a link to the 2015 file on OneDrive


I’ve tried. but it is not compatible with my current laptop version. i’m using Windows 8.

Thanks a lot Mr. John. Such a big help! may God bless you.