Conversion needed

Hi, can someone convert a file to 2016 for me? I created it in 2017 but that computer is now dead and I haven’t upgraded the graphics card in my current computer yet. Looking to see if we can upload files here or I can just email it to someone to save as a 2016 file and email back.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

You could upload the file to the 3D Warehouse from your browser and then access it in SU2016 to get the conversion done for yourself. Or upload it here or to DropBox and provide the link so someone else can do it for you.

OK, thanks. I had tried uploading it earlier from SU 2018 (online) but couldn’t find out howe. I just now tried uploading from the 3d Warehouse page and the idea worked but it lost the hidden parts. If anyone does thos for me, they’ll probably have to unhide all before converting.

Many thanks in advance.

house.skp (189.3 KB)

house (1).skp (169.2 KB)
This should be in the 2016 format.

Thank you very much sir, that was perfect. Not a lot of the detail to that model yet, but the dimensions are correct and that was the important part that I needed to recover.

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