Confusion with 3D Warehouse Update

Hello. I cant understand the new 3DWarehouse update. Since the new update, on some models the option to download them in .skp format does not appear. Regarding the absence of the section of models and collections related to the model, I just want to add that I miss it and if possible, I would like it to come back later. :heart:

Please help. :pray:

That’s interesting. I can’t seem to download that one directly into SketchUp but if I go to it in my web browser there is an option to download a 2020 version .skp file.

Perhaps @Barry or @TheGuz might be able to shed some light.

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For some reason that model had only a 2020 version and wouldn’t load. Try it now: it has a 2021 version and should download (after the large model warning - it’s NOT to Lego size).



Even without downloading that it’s obviously an amazing model!

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Thanks Barry. It looks like a decent model even if it is 1000 times bigger than in reality. :wink:

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I know! looks amazing

Thanks, Barry!! :heart:

Thanks for tagging Barry! I didn’t think it was a model error

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The scale should be in mm instead of meters :smiley: but a space station next to my house design wouldn’t be bad :rocket:

The author does indicate that they modeled it as if millimeters were meters. I expect that’s to avoid issues with tiny faces. Simple enough to scale it down if you need to display it on a shelf or something. Might need to get a permit to build a copy of it next to your house. Maybe you could make it livable.

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Did you see Steve Eve’s working 1/10th replica?

I repeat, it was a WORKING replica! :star_struck:

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Ouch! Yeah, that’s not good… Not the model! The model is amazing!
But, for it to work in a web browser but not inside of SketchUp is weird.
I’m filing a bug now to look into this.

I think I’m going to start telling people’s fortunes! Recently I wrote somewhere here that NASA is going to switch to SU and here you go! First projects in 1:1 scale :smiley: