I need someone to convert my 2016 model to 2015 ASAP



I am using sketchup pro 2016 in my college and sketchup 2015 in my laptop. And I want to work on my project at my home so i need someone to convert a file for me


Use save as from the file menu to Save back to any version you want.


the file will not open only so i can’t use ‘save as’


Attach it here.
Use the seventh icon from the left at the top of the message reply window.


ah, you are already at the home computer with the 16 file. can you post the file here? seventh icon above the text window.

EDIT: jinks!


okk thank you… i’ll do that rn


If it is too big to attach here, over 3mb, you can upload it to the 3D Warehouse using a web browser, then download it again as a 2015 model.


its 83 mb. i can share drive link to the model


That would work.


It worked. Thank you so so much! Really grateful :slight_smile:


Glad to help.


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