Need advice on a House?

I’m pretty sure this house is a wood framing with a Stucco finish. However not sure if the porch pillar is wood or different material ?

Do you have access to the house? You could go rap on the column and get an idea. Or talk to a builder in your area to find out how they would build it.

I would expect that whatever the main house is made from, is also used for the porch’s construction.
No builder is going to change horses mid-stream…
There is little difference between the arch over the porch and the arch over the bay-window to the left.
Imagine the glass-window gone.
Imagine the right-hand column relocated so that it’s wholly within the garage [?] wall to the right…

why would it differ?

if built at the same time i can see no logical reason for it to be divergent…

it cuts into the other roof, making a change in materials used problematic…

I would assume it’s all the same…


Thanks. Whatever material us used it seems to have the same finish, so I guess it’s the same.

Responders seem to be in a kindly mood today, as the question has nothing to do with SketchUp and there is no way anyone can do better than guess without an on-site inspection of the house :wink:

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It is “Corner Bar” at least :laughing:

We can talk about life here too!

How are you doing @slbaumgartner?

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In the Phoenix area, it is common to see a crew frame a house, crew number two then sheaths it with blue board foam, crew three covers the foam with chicken wire, and crew four shows up to apply stucco to the chicken wire. (When you build a whole development at one time, there were LOTS of specialized ‘crews’ moving from one house to the next, with minimally trained workers doing only one thing)
The same was true for the pool building industry - there are as many as 15 subcontractors scheduled one after the other for each phase of the pool construction…