Framing with house builders plugin?

I put together my first small house, or I should say shed, and I think I came across a situation that just doesn’t work correctly. I put together one of the side walls and when I went to put the sheathing on the outside it should have ended on the center of a stud 48" from the corner. Unfortunately it didn’t. I used the tape measure and measured and from the corner it should measure 48" to the center of the 4th stud. When you measure from the corner, 48" comes to the beginning of the 4th stud. So basically from the corner the center of the 4th stud measures 48 3/4". Can anyone tell me how this can be corrected or tell me how to make it work so that the sheathing lands on the center of the studs like they are suppose to?

Are you using a Dynamic Component for the framewall ? (IF so, please give the name. You could also attach the model file.)

I don’t know for sure. I downloaded the house builder plug in and it’s located under the draw tab and then house builder then wall. I put in the dims and the wall was automatically made.

Go to this form someone explains that there is an error in the plugin I have a problem with the measurements too when I in put in 8’6 for doing the floor I get 8’ 4 1/2. I guess they said there is not going to be a fix for it.