House builder extension



Anyone using the house builder extension and seen this?

This is a small section of wall built with the wall builder tool. It looks like the wall outline is racked (not square with the framing). Not sure if this matters or not, but wondering if this is normal? Or am I doing something wrong?


It looks to me as if you’ve probably rotated the model axes a little and dragged the wall out parallel to the new green axis. The extension creates the bounding box aligned with the real axes which don’t change no matter how you locate the red, green and blue lines. I was able to recreate your result by rotating the the axes in my model before drawing the wall.

With the axes located correctly, the bounding box fits the wall correctly.


You’re probably right, however I’m struggling with being able to fix the problem. It sounds like I’ve somehow changed the axes for my entire model. Is that what you’re saying? If so how/where do you reset the model axes?

There is a link in the Instructor window for “Resetting the Drawing Axes” (Sketchup/Make 2015) that points to this URL ( and I get an access denied error when trying to go there. Seems odd.


The easiest way to fix the axis orientation is to right click on the origin and choose Reset but you’ll need to temporarily hide any entities on the origin to clearly access it.


OK, found it. That took a while… Thanks so much for the pointers. There’s a lot to learn with this tool and it makes it harder it you try “jumping ahead”. I’m gonna be going be to do some of the basics tutorials, just to make sure I cover the basics.

On top of resetting the drawing axes I had to get my whole model grouped and then rotate it back into alignment with the drawing axes so the drawn walls would line up properly with the rest of the model. That’s a lesson learned the hard way. Thanks again.


can’t seem to find the house builder extension. can you send me a link to it?