I'm embarressed to ask but how to make 45degree angled walls

Just downloaded, getting to grips with it but i wanna make a house with the outside walls (wll some of them) at 45 degree angles or approx…so instead of the walls being 90degree angles when making a new wall I want 45 angle

H the F**K do I do that?..LOL

Hi ,There are one or two ways depending what your trying to achieve, you can use the protractor to create a guide or the arc tool on pie mode. you just set the corner point and draw arc and use the beginning and end points to draw your 45 degree line. Then erase the arc.


If you are using 2015, then the rotate rectangle would be a good starting point. once the wall is push/pulled to a wall you can use the move tool after selecting an edge and using inference to position the joins.

another idea, you could draw a 2D shape or plan of the structure then use the offset tool to form all the outside walls…

The red, green and blue Drawing Axes steer the tools.
You can set the axes in any location/orientation you choose.

Right context click on any of the axes. (Image 1) (Do this in empty space, away from any geometry)
In the Context menu that appears:

Place … Launches the Axes Tool
Move … Opens the Axes Dialog (Image 2)
Align View … Places the Camera on the blue axis facing the drawing axes origin and orientated onscreen such that red is perfectly horizontal, green vertical and their origin is at center-screen.
Reset … Returns the axes to their default location.

Axes Tool … Visit the SketchUp Video Tutorials to learn more.

thank you sooo much folks…I knew it was easy but I tried and tried and couldnt get it

hah… at first i thought you meant you wanted to do a house with walls angled this way :smile:

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Yes, I can see that happening.

Not implying anything here, just trying out emoticons!



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