How do I draw 45 degree angles on the ends of a rectangle?

I’m drawing a picture frame.

I will add a chamfer.

Several ways to do it.

(Dave R got there first as usual!)

  1. As he says.

  2. Draw a rectangle the length and width of one side of the frame. Draw a 45 degree line with the line tool at each end. Push pull to thickness. Make into a component. Rotate or mirror to other side. Repeat for top and bottom.

  3. Draw the picture frame profile on the X-Y plane. Draw a rectangle the overall size of the frame. Select the rectangle. Choose FollowMe tool, then click on the face that is the profile. That will create the frame in one go with 45 degree mitres.

I just have the rectangle 30x 1-3/4 x 1" thick.

4 Draw a rectangle. Offset it by the width of the frame moulding. Draw 45 degree corners. Pushpull the result to thickness.

How do I draw the 45 with the line tool?

Like this?
Frame.skp (144.1 KB)

Done with method 4.

Either make a line or tape measure the same length in as the frame is wide, or use offset, and draw line between inner and outer corners (that’s how I did the one above), or use the protractor tool.

I don’t know how to use the protractor either.

Then you need to follow some Help articles, or YouTube tutorials to get you started.

If you are just starting, you may not have the Large Toolset enabled, andI think the protractor tool is on that.

Go to menu View/Toolbars (on Windows) or View/Tool pallettes (Mac) and enable the Large Toolset.

And turn on the Instructor (Window/Instructor) which will help you learn the individual tools.

This may help too

When using the rotate tool tap “ctrl” to make a copy.
Rotate desired direction then type 90 hit enter, then type x2, hit enter. (This gives 2 90deg copies).

When using the move tool also tap “ctrl” to make a copy.

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I draw one section of the picture frame 15 x 1-3/4 and pull it up 1”. Make it a component then go into edit mode, use the protractor and make a 45 degree angle. Then I draw the line on the angle with the pencil. Problem is when I erase the lines it looks like a channel not leaving a clean face.

Any help would be appreciated. Fly Boy

Post an image if you can, did you try my first suggestion using the tape measure method?

You must use push pull tool, to push the triangular face down, the outer lines will be deleted automatically.(shown in my first example)

Thanks you!

Fly Boy

Hi, Your first frame stays in place where mine rotates 90 degrees.

Any suggestions?

Thanks, Fly Boy

Click the ctrl key so that you are rotating copies, not the original.

Tap Ctrl key (Windows) or Alt/Option (Mac) so that Rotate tool makes a COPY to rotate, and leaves original in place.

Look for little + sign beside the tool icon.

Tapping the key toggles Copy on or off.

I wrote that in the text as I thought that might stump you!

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This all sort of begs the question, Have you met the Follow Me tool yet?

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