How do I draw 45 degree angles on the ends of a rectangle?

I’ve used it on chamfers but I’m not sure how it works on what your showing
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Hi Ian,
Thanks for your excellent help. Is there any way I can stor this on my computer for future reference?

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If you select the bar at the bottom of the gif, there is an option to download it.

I recommend you also practise the follow me technique that Box shows. This method is particularly useful as you can also add rabbet and profiles in one sweep.

Glad I was of help to you

I made another section of the picture frame added rabbit, 45 angles. I
tried to add a chamfer
But it would only let me extend it. Any suggestions?
Let me know if I’m being a pest.

Thanks Fly Boy

Is there any chance you could make this easier by sharing the SKP file as it is now?

Hi Ian, Here is the file and want to make a chamfer on the line I have drawn.

Thanks, Fly BoySecond Picture Frame.skp (15.0 KB)

That form can’t PushPull because of the skewed angle of the end face.
But it’s easily done…
Just edit the group and draw the 7 edges I indicate in outline [using the axial inferences etc] - inside the group they will get faces, but I drew them outside of the edit for clarity !

Then Erase the 5 unwanted edges [and their associated faces] to leave the final form which you desire.

Another option would be to Move the top-long edge vertically downwards [constrained in blue/z using the Shift key], and snap it onto to equivalent line below…

You should take a cue from Box. The Follow Me tool would make quick work of this from a profile of the molding and a rectangle. Then, if you need the individual sticks, draw in any missing miter lines and make components of them.

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Hi Dave,

Thanks for your help.

Where can I find more info on this?

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Maybe read through this.

Hi Dave,

Thanks for all your help. See attached file and let me know how to remove the section I have marked.
Second Picture Frame.skp (25.0 KB)

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You could cut with a rectangle drawn through and Intersect Faces it but I wouldn’t. I would figure out how much I need to take off and use the Move tool to move the selected end. You could make the molding longer that way, too.

Hi Dave,

Thanks for your excellent suggestions. I tried adding some dimensions and ran into a couple of problems. It adds them on both sides because they were copied. The arrows were on top of the 3/8” rabbit. How can I have it apply dim. outside the arrows?

Have a nice weekend, Fly Boy

Don’t open the component for editing. Leave the dimensions outside the component and you won’t get redundant ones.

If you want the dimension for the rabbet to show outside the arrows, right click on it and choose Text Position followed by the side you want the text to be on.

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Thanks Dave, That should do it on the picture frame. Now I can make it.

Take care