Trimming slotted frame side to 45 degree

I am trying to make a frame with 45 degree joins at the corners and a slot running along the inside edge. I have a slotted piece for one side and I have marked the 45 degree cut I want to make on one face, but I cannot figure out the best way to trim the piece without screwing up the slot on the inside edge.

FrameTrim|690x477 I am sure this is a common task, but…

I meant to attach this picture. (Is there a way for me to edit a message after I have posted it?

there are many ways, here’s 2. Not sure if you are on Pro, in which case you could use solid tools to do it.

one way is to manually trace around and delete the waste

another is to create a plane at the 45 and intersect it with the model and delete waste

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Thank you so much. This is perfect and I should have been able to figure this out.

I really appreciate your taking the time to respond to my query so helpfully. It reaffirms my faith in humanity to know there are still generous people out there!

Anytime, glad it helped. Do you have SU Pro? if so there’s a solid tools option that is a good way to deal with this too.
It also occurred to me (as I don’t know what this is for) but ordinarily to encapsulate a panel or glass that the mitre would be the other way around?

You could also use FollowMe to create the whole 4-sided frame in one move.

Draw the moulding profile.

Draw a rectangle for the outside of the frame.

Select the rectangle.

Select the FollowMe tool, then click on the face of the profile.


Add lines at the corners for mitres, if you want them visible.

However, that doesn’t get you separate pieces for each side of the frame, which you might want if you were using the drawing for a woodworking project and want to show separate components for each ‘real world’ piece.

If that’s the case, earlier answers are the way to go ( but put the mitres inside, not outside).

Or draw a rectangle in the vertical plane at 45° to the X axis at each corner, and use Intersect Faces to create the mitres.

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Profile builder is a good way to go if using follow me functionality.
profile can be drawn flat, there is a selection option to create separate pieces too.

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Here’s the solid tools version.
make sure element is a group/solid. create another solid large enough to encompass the amount to be trimmed off, align it at 45 degrees and subtract it from the original part.

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Learned a new one. fredoscale planar

shearing does this quickly.


You can use a single edge of the required angle and then tap the CTRL or OPTION key as you use Push/Pull to activate the modifier to create another face. That creates the geometry required for the intersection…


Wow! I knew there were always several ways to skin the cat in SketchUp, but it never ceases to amaze me how many there are. The SketchUcation plug-ins seem like a treasure trove.

Thanks again to everyone who responded.

Something significant in Ian’s screen recording is that he dragged from right to left, and not left to right. With one you select everything that overlaps the selection area, with the other you only get things enclosed by the area. His right to left drag grabbed all of the edges that needed deleting.