House Builder

Please can you advise where I can obtain the extension called house builder

According to your post on Sketchucation, you already have Housebuilder installed.

That is correct only in the extension manager it says unsigned and although it shows the various elements for floors walls etc they do not function. I’m I doing something wrong???

As I told you there, “Unsigned” doesn’t mean it doesn’t work.

Did you install it from that thread at Sketchucation? Did you install SketchUp correctly? That is, did you install it by right clicking on the installer and choosing Run as administrator?

Are you referring to the Housebuilder Toolbar? What are you doing after clicking on, say, the Floor button?

You must be doing something wrong because the extension does work.

This is in SketchUp 2019. It works the same way in SU2017 Make.

On SketchUcation you told me you mis-typed the SketchUp version in your profile. Apparently you did it here, too. Please fix it. That information is useful for helping you.

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To my knowledge HouseBuilder is about 14 years old, meaning it was developed long before extensions could be signed. I don’t know to what degree it has been updated since.

Except for a minor change to the loader made by TIG, is hasn’t been updated. ALthough there are newer, more sophisticated alternatives, as a basic free framing extensions, Housebuilder is still a usable option.