Housebuilder installed not showing in extensions

running sketchup make 2017, downloaded HouseBuilder_extension.rbz and installed it.
it shows up in the extension manager as enabled, but its not there under the extensions tab
downloaded it from sketchucation

House Builder isn’t supposed to show in the Extensions menu. It shows up in the Draw menu or you can activate its toolbar.

here it is in the extension manager

Did you read @DaveR 's reply.

hello and thanks for the replies from newbie here…
got the toolbar up, one more thing if possible I’m attempting
to create the framing for a raised floor, any suggested tutorials
for that? I created a floor w/hb and now need to add a ledger
board to attach it to on one side and a double plate on the other
side, for something like this where the tool doesn’t have all the
pieces with the built in component, there is some way to add any
needed pieces from the basic sketchup? or am I dependent with
what the extension gives me? kinda a general question for any
extension. all this looks incredibly powerful right now incredibly big
learning curve

It sounds like you need to spend some time learning the fundamentals of SketchUp. Drawing a ledger board or other pieces of lumber is about as basic as it gets. Draw a rectangle and use Push/Pull to make it 3D.

Go to the Learning Center and spend some time with the Sketchup Fundamentals.

In the most basic sense, extensions are tools to automate native actions.
Using extensions without understanding the inherent modeling it is replicating is a waste of time.

Learn to model, then learn to use extensions to automate what you already know how to do manually.

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thanks again, taking hours just to draw a board and flip it 90

It certainly shouldn’t take hours to draw a single board. Maybe a minute but not any longer.

Have you taken @RLGL’s advice and looked at the SketchUp Fundamentals.