Framing - Porch Shed Roof to Common Roof

As I’m learning SketchUp, I’m finding it really fun to digitally frame a structure. I use Chief Architect for creating construction documents (I call it Plans for Permit) but chief doesn’t do the framing correctly.

It looks like I will be using both apps to get things done.

Here is a small 36’ x 24’ test home (no kitchen or bathroom) just working on getting the different framing correct. I’ve shown different ways to do things so that explains some of the dis-uniformity.

I thought I should start a thread rather than hijack someone else’s.

Framing - Porch Shed to Common Roof.skp (7.2 MB)

I’m looking to order the Tags / Layers as granular as I would on the jobsite. This might be overkill, but maybe an estimation extension can grab all these and export a useful spreadsheet.

This is Chief Architect on Auto Roof mode. I hope to help them get more accurate framing.

How hard is it to get from nothing to that?

I used Medeek Foundation and Wall, which are really powerful. The rest I did as individual items and then Move + followed by Nx (a number followed by “x”) to array at the Move + distance.

I’m going to send 2D screenshots to an app to label nicely.

Not hard to do…but I’m a reality-focused CAD guy…so I spend many evening hours figuring out how it all goes together in the software …

Locking the axis with the arrow keys is a great tip.

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My split second, knee-jerk reaction to that: Oh god, no! Why are the main roof rafters headed off at all, and with a header that seat-of-the-pants looks way too undersized for that span. I would expect the main rafters to carry through to the wall plate and the little, shallower roof pitch to just be done as a lay-over.


Agreed, unless you turned both roof lines into a single truss.

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