Need a roof on my model.... help me!

I need some advice. I will pay for your time if you are willing to jump on a zoom call or microsoft teams meeting and walk me through the process of framing the roof of my model. I have spent the better part of two weeks trying to frame a roof and I continue to fail.


Do you have the roof top view?

Will you share the file?

There are some talented SketchUp users in this forum, but none of them will be able to help you out in that roof without looking at the actual plans or your model. Sharing more information helps us to help you!

Have you tried something like this?


It basically comes down to offsetting the outline of the wall’s “ceiling print” (as in footprint).
Once you have that top face you add the pich to the corners.
Next you create faces accordingly. You can now trace their intersections (red/green faces–>marked red).

Or as a last step use ‘Intersect Faces with …’


I do.
PAR 4 - 1st flr roof - 4.21.23.dwg (162.2 KB)
2nd floor.dwg (105.4 KB)

I have not. I am trying to frame it with lumber/timber sketches.

Take a look at Medeek Truss extension, it came frame a roof by tracing the outline.