Need a switch for Styles in Layout

hopefully someone can give me a hint with styles in layout.
I made 8 szenes in SU and tranformed them to LO. So in layout I have 3 sectioncuts and 4 elevations.But if I want to try out some other styles, the elevations will turn to sectioncuts. The only chance I saw is to change the style in SU and come back to LO.
Too much work.
My idea was to make a copy and rename the style, but both are lost. Now I’m lost in lots of copied styles all nummberd but I can’t find the ones I need.

You can make several Scene tabs in the SUp SKP which have everything set up the same same, except for their Styles.
Give each Scene tab a clear name to help identify its Styling.
Then your viewports in LO can have whatever Scene you choose from the linked SKP.
Changing a Scene should not affect section-cuts etc.
Of course you need to reload the SKP back in to LO whenever you make changes to it.
You want to maintain live-links back to the SKP’s Scenes, fixing them within LO will lead to confusion…

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That is what I tried to do. My problem ist to find my renamed files in LO. Where are they? I already changed the path and the favorites are copied to there, but my renamed styles are not there.

Sorry, but could you explain what you are doing, in another way.
Why are you changing paths etc ?
You reload the SKP into the LO document.
The Scenes and Styles should be updated to suit.
Change the Scene in the viewport, the Styles come in automatically from the Scene ?

Everthing is fine. I got it.
Thank you for reading.

It’s hard to find out, but I found much more than expected. And then ist’s so easy. A little modification in the StyleTemplate comes out like this. Thank you for SU, I love it.

I don’t think you’re changing “Styles” to get what you want, but actually changing views (scenes from SketchUp).
If you truly want to change “Styles” it’s simple.
A. Any Style you have used in the SketchUp drawing are available in LayOut.
B. Right Click inside the individual drawing window and select Style from the context menu.
C. Pick the Style you want and the drawing in that particular window will take on the new Style.

If the new Style you select has a section cut active, the section cut will be shown as well. So, you could change an elevation to a section by selecting the correct style.

The problem is Scenes will not update “Active Section Cuts”. It only updates “Active Section Planes”. So what ever you save, it will never meet the thing you want to do.

In LayOut the only chance to change from Elevation to Section Cuts is the Style I made before. One for Section Cut and one for Elevations.

There is a trick in SU to solve this problem:
Place a Section Plane outside the model. Don’t cut anything. It’s a “blind” Section Pane for Standard Views nothing more. Save SU and you will see magic in LO.