How to Control Styles in LO

Have you seen somthing like this?

What’s going wrong? I’ll try to explane.

The beautiful Styles shipped with SU only come once. So you can’t see the settings in the icon. Is it a Section Cut or an Elevation? This is the first problem, you will allways see Elevations.

In Toolbar you can change the settings for Elevations and Section Cuts. There are two settings to toggle: Elevation on-off and Section Cut on-off.

Changing settings in Toolbar, you can follow the settings made in Styles - Edit. That’s perfect.

Trying to save the Toolbar settings in Scenes and update them, you will drive crazy updating Styles.

This is the second problem.

Now the third problem inside LO.

The Viewports sometimes don’t match the Scenes or Styles, because of the different Styles-Settings made. (See first images). The icon shows Elevation, but Section Cut is hooked. No chance to change in LO. So you have to go back to SU and change settings …

Of course you can make the settings in SU, copy and paste the Scene one by one to LO.

But never change the Style in LO.

Oh, dear! No workflow.

To update Scenes there are three options.

1st. Option will make a lot of Styles and blow up the file size.
But it works. You can purge unused.

2nd. Option will overwrite Styles and makes a great mess.

3rd. Option does nothing but it’s standard. It will not change the Style and drives me crazy.

There is no chance to change Styles in Scenes, it will completely mess up.

What I want to do is to control Styles and change between Section Cuts and Elevation in LayOut by Styles.


Here we go…

How to solve the first problem:

This is very easy. Just add a Section Plane to the StyleTemplate.skp and overwrite it. Thats all.

Now you can see the settings made in Styles, because the Section Plane is shown and will match the settings.

It takes a little time, but it will speed up the workflow for ever.

First create a folder for your new Style-Collection.

To find the new folder in the Style Tray, you have to set the “System Preferences” in SketchUp

Edit Styles, update and rename it as you like and drag and drop it to the folder shown below.

Add the collection to your favorites…
this will make your folder available in LO. There is no other way to set preferences in LO for Styles.

Maybe you will have to do it for the upper field and the lower field again.
Very important: Save SketchUp and then “File - Send to LayOut”, even if only “Steve” is modeled.

For two or three Section Planes you have to organize them in Sketchup with Scenes as before. But now there is no more mess by updating Scenes and Styles. It will work fine.

Hope you will like it.