Toggle section planes within LayOut

Some of the recent changes to LO have been good - giving the user much more ability to control aspects of the viewport from within LO and diminishing the need for so many scenes in SU. One thing that seems like a logical next step would be the ability to toggle section plane status (active/inactive) from within LO. Unless I’m mistaken, the only way to currently control section plane status is with SU scenes. If this ability already exists and I’ve just missed it, please correct me.


Like this? Same scene with and without the section cut. Set in LayOut.

What?! I just opened up LO to take another look and I’m still not finding an option to toggle section plane status. But I obviously missed something. How do you do it?

The display of a section cut is a style setting. I set up the section cut in the model but turned off the display of it in the style before creating the scene. That’s the scene used for the viewport on the left. On the right I used a style that has sections displayed. It just comes down to the style you choose.

Ah that makes sense. Thanks Dave. Consider this thread closed.

And if you have more then one section cut?

I was going to ask that too

It probably shouldn’t be closed. What I show works in some situations. I make effective use of it in many of my projects but it’s not the same as being able select and show a specific section plane when you have many of them like. Jack and Paul were right to ask the question.

It may be that what I show will be useful for you and it could be a good method to keep in your back pocket but it would still be nice to have the option to choose section cuts in LayOut.


Yes, I think I was a bit hasty in declaring the issue resolved because I didn’t consider that the degree of section plane control within styles is rather crude. If I understand correctly, the level of control within styles only allows you to toggle all section cuts on or off. To have full control over the on/off state of individual section cuts requires individual scenes. And I think it would be beneficial to limit the number of scenes and styles and allow more granular control within LO.

Well, not all section cuts. You can have different active section cuts for different scenes and show them or not as desired by controlling which style is used. So you could have an scene with a section cut that is either shown or not shown but if you want another section cut for the elevation, say deeper into the model, you’ll need another scene in SU.

If you can get by with a single section cut for each elevation or for a plan view, this process will work very nicely. For someone like Paul who probably has 31 or 73 parallel section cuts, this isn’t as useful.

Yes, I understand - you’re talking about situations where you have a different section plane and also a different camera position/angle. I routinely have railing projects where we need to cut sections to show differing conditions along a length of railing. So I would like to keep everything constant (including the camera position/angle) and simply toggle on or off the various section cuts to produce the various sections in LO. For this, it would be nice to have individual control of section cut status within LO (like we have with tags, for instance). Incidentally, it would also be nice to be able to define a limiting depth for each section, but that is a SU feature request that I will post separately. (I do know about fog and the other workarounds for that)

I agree that for things like that–multiple parallel section cuts–it would be very nice to be able choose them for the viewport. Maybe like you can do with Outliner in SU.

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