Nearmap in '21?

I can’t find a Nearmap option in SU '21. Am I missing something?

Where are you looking for Nearmap?

File > Geo-location > Add Location > Select Region > Select Provider > Hi-Res Nearmap

I don’t see any of those options.

Where on the planet are you looking? Not all regions are covered by Hi Res Nearmap imagery.

In Seattle.

Hmmm… Are you zoomed in close enough? Show us what you see.

I see the region in blue has Hi Res imagery available.

And if I zoom in close enough to allow me to select the area I want, I choose Select Region and then get prompted to select the image type.

When I get a chance I’ll show you.
Don’t have my laptop right now (as always :joy:)

Sorry for the link, I think it’s too big.

But check this out.

Is it because I’m in a trial of '21?

I wouldn’t expect that to be the cause.

After the SSB issue I had a while back (not sure if you remember)

I’m starting to think my computer is a dud.

I’m perplexed.

Maybe that’s it.

.v. I’ve had problems with it from day 1. It’s a topline HP laptop.


Oh well. Thanks Dave.