NearMap missing from Geo Location

Hello, I am new to the forum, and I am currently on a trial version of Sketchup pro, which I do plan to continue after the trial expires.
I use geo location all the time for my line of work, and saw a couple of videos about nearmap. For some reason, I don’t see the option to view nearmap when I select geo location. Is there something that I am doing wrong or that I missed? Thank you in advance for any help.

What is the location you are looking at? Might not be available.

Thanks for the reply. Montego Bay, Jamaica. I will tell you that as a test to your reply, I went to a couple of other areas, San Francisco, CA and New York City, and still, no Nearmap option to be seen.

There is no hi res Near Map imagery for Jamaica but you should see it for both San Francisco, CA and New York City. Do you not see the blue regions?

Do you have the Hi Res Coverage switch turned on?

When you installed SketchUp did you do so correctly? That means right clicking on the downloaded installer and selecting Run as administrator?