Nearmap download

I’ve posted problems with this before… I still don’t get it.

Here’s an image of the Nearmap import I’m trying to purchase. I’ve got more than the 200 minimum tiles selected, definitely more than I need but, OK, but it’s not letting me do it.

Can someone let me know what that alert box is trying to tell me to do? I can find no adjustment of region and tile density that will allow me to purchase and what I need here.

That message is telling you that in order to get the high res Near Map content, the area you select must be entirely within the “colored coverage area”. None of the area in your selection is in the colored coverage area. In fact, the nearest coverage area is quite a way to the west.

What you want to purchase isn’t currently available.


Thanks, Dave. Didn’t occur to me that the area simply wasn’t available in hi-res.

Have a great rest of your day!

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