My Trimble account disappeared

I made an account 10 days ago to use the 30 day trial. I haven’t used it for a few days (been busy) but when I tried to start using it again, I had a problem I needed help with so I came to the forum and tried to log into my account but it didn’t let me. I don’t understand, does sketchup just randomly delete peoples accounts? This really confused me

Here’s screenshots for more context:

Also, the problem I needed help with is there any way I can make my model automatically line up with the “common” axis? I imported a model from the 3d warehouse and it’s not properly rotated, it’s messing up my lines. thank you

Any new created Trimble ID, which is used for trials and ‘all things for SketchUp’ needs to be activated within 3 days or 72 hours. If you have ‘t activated it (Activation mail usually ends in your spam folder) you need to reactivate it again.

Oh, thank you. I looked again and there is an activation email… Anyway do you have a solution for the other problem?

You can change the axes of the inserted component by rightclicking on it and choose ‘Change Axis’, delete that one and insert it again from the ‘in model collection in the component panel.

Or rightclick on the model axis and choose ‘Place’
With the last, be aware that the true drawing Axis of the model still remains under the hood.

Okay! I will try that and see if it works. Thanks again!

Edit: It worked

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