My SUPro 2018 running Excessively Slow

Hi Community!

My SU Pro 2018 has suddenly started running excessively slow.
Does anyone have a remedy?

Maybe I am imagining it and it is unrelated but I installed Norton Security Software and now my Sketch up is crawling and struggling to load external textures properly. Could it be the Graphics card?

I need help as I can’t get any work completed.

Thank you.

Are the textures located at a server/cloud location?
If the security software needs to check for virus etc. it certainly doesn’t help.

Check to see which card SketchUp uses:
Window-Preferences-OpenGL-Graphic Card Details
Edit: On Mac: SketchUp-Preferences-OpenGL-Graphic Card Details

Hi Mike,

Here are my Graphic Card Details: AMD Radeon R9 M395

I want to dump Nortons and see if that makes a difference.

I have been using a Norton firewall/antivirus on my Windows machines since I don’t remember when (20 years…?) and it has been remarkably trouble-free. Do Macs need one too, today?

As Mike asked, where are your textures coming from? Are they large?

My textures are high Res Jpegs direct from a designer. what size should I reduce them to?

SketchUp has a built-in limit of 1024 x 1024 pixels that can be tweaked to 2048 x 2048 with the “Use maximum texture size” setting in Preferences>OpenGL. Anything bigger than that gets reduced to fit and serves only to increase file size with no increase in quality. The reducing algorithm within SketchUp is rather crude so you get better results by reducing the textures in an image editor prios to applying.


Okay thanks for this, I think this is where the problem is stemming from. I’m reducing the textures now and I’ll see what happens.

That Worked! :grinning:Thank you for your help Mike and Anssi.
I’m back in the game!

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