My SKP cannot open again...HELP~

When I using the material tool in SKP, the software shut down suddenly and cannot open it again, here is the crash warning, “Crash #630814” please help!! Thanks a lot.

Have you reported the crash with your email? You can also open ticket on the sketchup website detailing the crash. I don’t know your location but it’s a bit late right now, I don’t know if a sketchup member could help you with this until tomorrow, you’ll probably have to wait a few hours. The rest of the members of the forum can’t really help you with something like that, just tagging @colin, he is an active sketchup team member on this forum who usually takes care of this things.

@Colin Please help me to solve the Crash of SKP!! Thanks a lot.

123 questions:

  1. What version of SketchUp, exactly (Help > About or SketchUp > About SketchUp)
  2. What OS version are you using ( Windows 10, 11 or MacOS 13, etc)
  3. What steps were taken ( select the tool via icon or shortcut or by clicking on a material swatch in the palette or panel)

The version of SketchUp is 2021
MacBook Pro 11.6.4 (13-inch 2017, two thunderbolt 3 ports)
When I using the material tool in SKP, the software shut down suddenly and cannot open it again, here is the crash warning “Crash #630814”. Thanks a lot.

Just select the tool icon on material swatch in the panel

There were some issues on Mac with the paintbucket tool in the first release 2021.0
That’s why the specific version is important (eg. It might have been fixed in 2021.1)
[menu] SketchUp > About SketchUp

but I cannot open the SketchUP, how can I update the software?

I need to re-install the update software? (2021.1)

If you have the installer try doing that, the installers of that version aren’t available anymore on the sketchup website so if you don’t have it you better wait until you get an answer from Colin or any other member of the sketchup team.

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The last version of SU2021 is still there:
Download All | SketchUp


in order,

please update your profile, top right of the forum, the yellow circle with an S on it. right now you sketchup is noted as 2021, but your os and graphics card is 123, that’s why Mike had to ask you these details.

oh god yes. that was annoying.

if you select the app and press on the space bar, you’ll see a version of this window appear. it tells you stuff, the stuff that is important is the version, in my case 23.0.418

And to repeat what Dezmo said, yes, the installer is still online (link in his message just above), it’s as simple as downloading it again (it’ll be the lastest version), and just like before, moving the Sketchup 2021 folder into you application folder. Mac os will ask you if you want to replace the existing one, you can say yes.

Back then the workaround, if I recall, was to right-click the SU app and show content, then to navigate to content / mac os / sketchup. opening this one would open SU without crashing.

may I ask, are you using the last Classic license of 2021 ? or is your machine too old to move to 2022 ?

At some point SketchUp upset macOS, and was put into quarantine. That can happen if you run SketchUp from an unconventional location. For example, running it from the disk image instead of from the Applications folder.

We did do something to try to make it less likely to have a problem, even when run from the wrong location. It looks like you’re not running the latest version of 2021, you could try updating, and see if the later one behaves better.

Here’s the disk image:

Open that disk image, and drag the SketchUp 2021 folder on to the Applications alias, and let it replace the version that may already be there. After it is copied, eject the disk image, then go into Applications/SketchUp 2021, to run SketchUp.

It may be that macOS is still not happy, you might as well do the steps needed to make it be happy, before installing the update. Look at the steps I gave in this post:

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