Crash on opening after import, again

For the third time this week sketchup 2021 is crashing. I imported a small jpg, then wanted to change the colourpicker and bang.
After every crash this week skp needs a re-install and deletion of plists, because it gives the “Attempt to change noneditable color list” after each crash.
I consider this a bug now. Mac, Cataline 10.15.7, latest skp.
2021 seems to be very tricky to handle.
Same with layout: Updating reference is un-workably slow.

Update: reinstalled. Started. The very moment i click on the colour/texture window it goes down and need a re-install.

Please see my post here:


Ik know this one. I install in the standard apps folder. Run from there. Always. No need to do otherwise.
Catalina always asks again after each install if I want to open it, as it has been downloaded from the internet. Seems Apple has begun to distrust apps even more.
Re-install started to fail immediately now, skp not even made plists before crash.
I will reboot again, it helped once today, but the very moment I hit the colour-window it crashes again.
As I need to get work done for clients this is an inacceptable bug.

I found your bugsplats by searching for ‘Peter’, and I can see what the problem is now.

Look for an email from me, to your ‘3dtek’ email address.

Expecting email.
Just reinstalled. Did some work. Works.
Accessing colour palette.
From left to right. All switch, until the brick. Then sketchup bricks.
Reinstalling again. :wink:

After one reinstall install fails.
Too many things going on to restart.
Switching to 2020 until this bug is really solved.

Colin, no email received yet.

Colin, no mail received yet. Typo somewhere in the mailaddress?

I had sent the message to the werk@ email address. I’ve sent it again to the address you use in the forum.

Colin, emails from the forum are received, yours not alas.

I will send the same text as a message in the forum.