Crash on opening after import, again

For the third time this week sketchup 2021 is crashing. I imported a small jpg, then wanted to change the colourpicker and bang.
After every crash this week skp needs a re-install and deletion of plists, because it gives the “Attempt to change noneditable color list” after each crash.
I consider this a bug now. Mac, Cataline 10.15.7, latest skp.
2021 seems to be very tricky to handle.
Same with layout: Updating reference is un-workably slow.

Update: reinstalled. Started. The very moment i click on the colour/texture window it goes down and need a re-install.

Please see my post here:


Ik know this one. I install in the standard apps folder. Run from there. Always. No need to do otherwise.
Catalina always asks again after each install if I want to open it, as it has been downloaded from the internet. Seems Apple has begun to distrust apps even more.
Re-install started to fail immediately now, skp not even made plists before crash.
I will reboot again, it helped once today, but the very moment I hit the colour-window it crashes again.
As I need to get work done for clients this is an inacceptable bug.

I found your bugsplats by searching for ‘Peter’, and I can see what the problem is now.

Look for an email from me, to your ‘3dtek’ email address.