Skp crash when touching the material window

Hello. My Sketchup pro 2023 crashes when touching or moving the material window. I tried to uninstall and install an new version; but the problem persist.
One hour before, everything was working fine.
I use Sketchup Pro 2023 with Vray on a Imac pro 2020 and Mac OS 14.4

There have been numerous reports of this already. It’s due to an update Apple made to the OS. Search the forum for the other threads to see solutions such as they are.

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I have sent in a report to Apple, to try and get them to fix things in macOS. We’re looking into any work around we can add to updates to SketchUp.

For now the only option is to not resize the Colors palette, and not change to another set of materials. One oddity that may help, after a crash you get by switching to another set of materials, Colors is now set to the materials you wanted.


Here the same :frowning:

I have the same issue… have got any answers from Apple?

I finally reverse to OS Ventura, and it’s fine now.

Which exact version of Ventura? We had a customer revert to 13.6, and that wasn’t old enough to solve the problem.

Evreything is fine… For the moment

Curious. Glad it’s working.

Thank you. But you know, it worked very well for a long time with sonoma, until the last update.

I know, I had been testing SketchUp in Sonoma for many months!

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Great news Mac people! The crash has been fixed by the latest MacOS Sonoma 14.4!

When the OS update was released, I immediately updated my Mac and checked the SketchUp if it will still crash. And my surprise, the app didn’t crashed. Just to be sure, I restarted SketchUp and opened the materials window and it is really working fine.

Let us know if the MacOS Sonoma 14.4 update really fixed the long awaited fix of SketchUp crashing.

Hey, please don’t triple post the exact same message. we know, several people have noticed it and it works.
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more about the update here

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