Instant Crash when changing material

I keep getting an instant crash while switching materials. Im Mac M3 running Sonoma. Have to save the file every time prior to changing materials. It’s almost impossible to use atm! Any help appreciated.

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Please see what I wrote here:


This has been brought up in numerous threads already. It’s an issue created by Apple with a recent update they made. The SketchUp developers have a fix for it that will come in the next release but in the meantime, rolling back the OS to before the update is your best option.

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Thanks man

Do you have an idea when the next release will be, pls? My mac won’t let me roll back to the preious OS ands I’m stuck without being able to use any materials for sales calls! Hugely frustrating. Any advice much appreciated.

since you have a subscritpion, you can use the web version to paint stuff. as a pro user, you can create / import your materials (from photos) there, you’re not just limited to the official old ones.

the only ones that do know are prohibited by contract (and NDA) to say it. alas. It’s running a bit late this year, but if it avoids the messy bug-prone first month we had last year, it’s worth the wait.

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Thank you, I did not know I could use a web version, I need to look into that!

Let’s hope so, but also that it is not too long away…

Great news Mac people! The crash has been fixed by the latest MacOS Sonoma 14.4!

I immediately tested SketchUp if it will crash and also did a restart of the app, the crashing is gone!

Let us know if this worked on yours.

Downloading update now… hope it works… A bit tired of crashes :slight_smile:

Updating to Sonoma 14.4.1 fixed the issue for me. Finally!

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If yours works, what version of Sketchup are you running that works with Sonoma 14.4.1. Mine still crashes even when I just go to expand the materials window.

What version of SketchUp are you using? Please complete your forum profile and update the OS listed there.

Just updated in my profile here it is. OSX 14.4.1/SketchUp 21.1.331. If there is no fix for this older version, I would consider upgrading to 2023, but I’d rather not upgrade to the latest SketchUp unless I know it’s 100% fixed.

It’ll never be fixed for SketchUp 2021. That version does not and will not ever support the operating system you are using now.

Apple fixed the problem they created with their previous update that affected SketchUp 2023. Every SketchUp 2023 user who has responded has reported the problem was fixed with Apple’s 14.4 update.

Ok, thanks for the confirmation.

Thanks for the tip on the Sonoma upgrade. It finally fixed this paint bucket issue, and also the problem I was having with setting hot keys.