My SketchUp is reporting a bug and I am not been able to open the program

Good afternoon all,
I have a SketchUp Pro (student) on my Mac book.
Two days ago I was with out internet and I needed to make a fast model. I couldn’t use the internet so I tried to use a component from an old file. Since this the sketchUp reported a bug and closed the program. I already tried to open it several times, but it always quit as soon as I open it and report the bug. I am afraid to uninstall/reinstall because I don’t want to lose my license.
Does any one already had this problem? How did you fix it?
Thank you,

Wen need some more infos here…

Hold down shift when you launch SketchUp so it doesn’t open previously opened files (space usually means safe-mode, as when you’re booting, so it works as well with launching apps).

Did you submit name / email (you can Private Message me) with crash? If so, I can look it up and we can try to diagnose.