SketchUp Pro crashes (trial version) on Mac OS

Hi, I am trying Sketchup for a month and I managed to build a simple model.
The next day, Sketchup started crashing and refuses to open. I can only use Layout (and I have access to my model).
I am using a Mac Book Air 1,1 GHz Intel Core i5 8 Go. Is my computer not powerful enough? What version of Sketchup would you advice for my Mac? I only draw really simple geometries (no textures etc.).


L’ordinateur est suffisamment puissant pour faire tourner sketchup. Avez-vous essayé de le désinstaller/réinstaller ?
Si c’est uniquement pour explorer les possibilités du logiciel, et faire des modèles simples, savez-vous qu’il existe également une version en ligne ? (sur navigateur)

If a model is too big for your computer, SketchUp may be come sluggish or even seem to be stuck, but it should not crash.

What precisely do you mean by “crashing”? I ask because sometimes people say “crashing” to mean “not responding” as opposed to either generating a BugSplat or simply quitting on its own. Likewise, what happens when it refuses to open? Are there any dialogs or messages? When it crashes, do you get a BugSplat, and if so, have you submitted it with contact information?

After a crash, the next time you launch SketchUp it attempts to open the same model as was open before the crash. If there is a fatal error in the model, that can cause SketchUp to crash again during launch. In that case try moving the model to a different folder (so SketchUp can’t find it) and relaunch.

And, as @paul.millet wrote, you could try uninstalling and then reinstalling SketchUp.

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Hi, thanks for your quick answers.

I do get a Bug Splat saying Sketchup crashed on the previous session and ask for my contact details (which I did not submit yet). Then it attempts to open up and crashes again saying “Something unexpected happened”. (Sorry the dialogs and messages are in French so my translation is not great)

I moved my model to a different folder as @slbaumgartner suggested and it did not work. I am going to try uninstalling and reinstalling Sketchup.

@paul.millet j’ai appris ensuite qu’il y avait une version gratuite en ligne mais j’aimerais ne pas perdre mon travail effectué sur Desktop. Est-ce qu’il est possible d’importer mon modèle en ligne ?

Thanks a lot

oui bien sûr ! il suffit de glisser/déposer le fichier skp dans la fenêtre du navigateur à l’adresse suivante