Launch Crash & Bug Reports

Hi I’m new here and don’t know what to do everytime the application crashes. I’ve tried to send and send the report but no help is coming and I’ve researched how to fix the problem but it seems there is none. My problem is launching the app itself everytime I open sketchup I wait about 2 to 3 secs then suddenly a report saying that the application crashed so pls. and the proccess of sending the error.So anyone who could help me I’m very thankful for the person because I’m still a student. :frowning:

Is this crash specific to certain skp file? or SketchUp won’t open at all?

have you tried good ol’ reinstall process?

One quick thing to try if it is a bad file trying to open that is causing the problem.
Hold the shift key while you launch Sketchup. This will open a clean copy rather than any autosaves etc

edit: as per @Box’s reply…

Try opening SU while holding down the Shift ⇧ key…

if it opens, it is likely a problem with the .skp file selected at startup…

also, add your username to the bug report and let us know when you submit them…


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I don’t know but everytime I open it a popup comes out and says"the application failed to start because it’s side by side configuration is incorrect. Please see the application event log or use the command line sxstrace.exe tool for more details" that’s it.

@john_drivenupthewall I’ve tried sending the report again and again for two days now.

A LOT of these are graphics card related on startup. If you’re ATI, that doubles the probability. Check that first.