My SketchUp file shows up white even with FastFeedback UNchecked

I am working on a fairly complex SketchUp file, which has been working fine thus far. I just finished a High Quality render through Podium that lasted almost 2 days. Then, when I tried to open the file again to start a new render, it started opening to a white screen. I read through all the threads talking about this problem, and they all said to uncheck “Fast Feedback”, since this seems to be a common problem with Intel Graphics Cards. I did this, however nothing has changed. I’ve tried cleaning my computer, restarting it, purging the model… Please help!

Does this happen with a brand new file or only the model you were working with?

What is the graphics card in your computer? You listed the CPU instead of graphics card in your profile.

Simply opening Sketchup or any other file works fine. It’s really just the model I’m working on. I know it’s very full and heavy, but it worked so far! It only just stopped working today.
My Graphics card is Intel® HD Graphics 4400, sorry about that.

Did you use an leader or screen text in the model?

Sharing the SKP file would make it much easier for us to help you.

I did not. Where can I upload the model for you to see it?

If the file size isn’t more than about 3 Mb you can upload it here by dragging it into a reply to your thread. Otherwise upload the file to Drop Box and share the link.

When I opened the file I see this:

So that would indicate to me that you do indeed have a graphics problem. You could go to the Intel site and try updating the drivers for your graphics card. That might help.

If you are going to continue making models as complex as this one, you really should invest in a computer with a suitable graphics card. The integrated Intel GPU’s and their drivers are well known to be inadequate for 3D modeling.

You should also get in the habit of correcting face orientation as you go. All of the green faces in the next screen shot are back faces. If you were going to run the model through a rendering program, many renderers will render the back faces as just black despite the textures you’ve applied to them.

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Oh wow, I was never even aware of that. Thanks! Do I have to correct every face indivually, or is there a way I can do a “general” correction?

I realize I’m pushing it, this is a graduate project so I will most likely be buying a new computer very soon. Until then, how is it possible that it worked so far and then suddenly stopped ? Would that be like a “bug” in the graphics card?

Thank you so much for your help!

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In some case you can select a number of faces, right click on them, and choose Reverse Faces. Sometimes you can manage by right clicking on a properly oriented face and selecting Orient Faces.

As for your graphics card, likely your computer installed an automatic update from Windows which included a driver update that was broken. We see this all too often and the Community Forum is full of threads where others have reported problems that were due to bad drivers pushed by Microsoft. Best bet is to go to Intel’s site directly and manually search for and download the latest drivers for your GPU.

When you do replace your computer, look at models that have Nvidia graphics card. Historically Nvidia cards have proven to be the most reliable.

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Amazing. Thank you so much for the fast responses, I really appreciate the help.

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you may want use the ‘intel Driver & Support Assistant’ which will automagically do enverything required.