Sketchup Free runs for a minute, then white screen

I have a very small model I built in Sketchup Free (small library cart with 5 pieces total). The model will open, but after a minute or so, the screen goes white and I can’t see the model at all. I have built the model twice, and both versions exhibit the same behavior. Models that I built several months ago with no problems also experience this same issue. As best I can tell, I am up to date on all my drivers. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!

Share the .skp file so we can take a look at it and see if the problem might be model related.

Dave, here is my model. It is really simple!

Share the actual file, not a link to the viewer. Download it to your computer first.

LibraryCart2.skp (188.0 KB)

Here is the file.

Is the entire model window going white? What browser are you using? Have you manually updated the graphics drivers lately?

I did a little cleanup in your model and edited the style so the front face color isn’t white. Do you still have the same issue?

LibraryCart2.skp (113.4 KB)

I downloaded your cleaned model, and it still has the same behavior.

Here is my Home screen. Note that the new models don’t have thumbnail views, but all of my older models do.


Shortly after loading a model, less than a minute, this is what my modelling screen looks like. It stays this way until I close and restart Sketchup.

I am using Mozilla Firefox, but I also tried Chrome and got the same behavior. I recently updated my video driver, PC BIOS and other items, but the updates haven’t changed the behavior.

It’s looking like graphics driver problems. You say you updated the drivers. Did you download them from the GPU maker’s site? Can you try on a different computer and see what you’re getting?

Keep in mind this is an old graphics card which is quite low-performing according to the various benchmark sites out there. It may be time to upgrade your hardware.

Try clearing the cookies and cache of the browser, and then do a (hard) refresh by holding the Ctrl button and hitting F5.
You can remove cookies by clicking on the padlock icon in the browser’s address area.

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