Just registered

Hi. I’m probably being stupid but please be patient. I chose Sketchup Free, but when I select ‘get modelling’ a white screen with a red and white throbbing cube at its centre appears, and no action seems possible. What have I done wrong?
Using Windows 10 and Chrome. Thanks for any help.

It’s normal for that to happen for a short time, but if it doesn’t clear after a few seconds try another browser - Chrome or Firefox usually work.

And if neither of those work, try clearing your browser cache.

Beyond that, I’m not sure. May be to do with your graphics card. Try searching this forum for how to identify it.

And update your profile when you have found it. It helps others to help you.

Be patient. The throbbing red logo displays while the app is downloading and initializing in your browser. This may take as much as a minute depending on the speed of your internet, current load on Trimble’s servers, load on your computer (especially memory) etc.

Thanks for the help, everythings okay now.

Thanks for the help, it’s working now. I’m not sure what part of my profile is important to update though.

You are missing Graphics Card details. Search the forum for how to identify your graphics card.

The rest is complete